There You’ll Be!

Flashback on the good times,
Everything was perfect,
Love, laughter, energy in check,
Nothing more that was needed.
Accustomed to a way of living,
Negativity stood no chance,
Walking with pride and hope,
Life moved on.
Shuttered every obstacle,
A smile would drive away pain,
Before a fall,
Someone would hold my hand.
A thunderstorm arrived,
Came down a bolt,
Pieces of this merry life were made,
Source of relief gone.
Glitter replaced by tears,
Smile with a frown,
Support was now far away,
I was on my own.
Crowded I was once,
Today no soul around,
In times of despair now,
I wish this life was never found.
But a source of hope will come,
On the day we meet again,
On the gates of Heaven YOU will be,
To give me THAT life, again!


A lonely sitting soul thinketh,
Flashing those buoyant days,
Chases for hope inside,Image
curious where peace is..

Days, the days where laughter echoed,
Moments, moments that were etched,
Life, life was LIVED,
Peace, today there is none..

Jargons define the state,
Its a metaphor,
Beyond teary eyes, the question crawls,
Could you lend me some peace?

The search comes to a closure,
With the boon in hand, the soul runs in glee,
But along the way it tumbles,
Peace is now a Piece!

The Fight for the False!

ImageYou go the unconventional way, to make the redundant feel adored,
To make someone smile, just so that they sleep in harmony,
You march the cold winds, to give them warmth,
They leave you stranded, when you are without shelter.

You seek the finest wines, for them to sip on,
The best blend of cheese you find, to help them dine on,
You go beyond the traditional, so that they savor love,
They leave you stranded, when you need a shoulder.

The most beautiful fragrances you find so that they close their eyes in awe,
Luxuries you bring so that they are comforted,
With a hole in your pocket, you still strive for the best,
They leave you stranded, they leave you for the rest.

Out of the closet, there will rise a soul,
Who looks beyond the pleasantries, who looks beyond the world,
With a glitter in the eye, they will bestow a new life,
Then you leave THEM stranded, who always wanted to cut you with a knife.


Like the blazing light, you make me ambulate..

The fear in me dashes away when I gaze at u..

Replenish me with belief, furnish me with your love..

Exculpate my sins and every amiss..

Fabricate castles of my dream.. you gratify me..

Swivel at tomorrow with fortitude..

Permeate me with strength and mettle..

Makes everything look so propitious..

For life is beatitude for you..

In every step you tote pain for me..

So that I manifest another day..

To endure, speak my thoughts..  

I cannot thank you enough..

For your benediction are more than I can enumerate..

You mould me into a better son, a better sibling, a better friend – A HUMAN..

With every gliding day..

So the world makes you proud..

Comrade, sophist, mentor – I call thee..

But the best is – A comforter..

Adjuncts to describe you, I run out off..

Only this I can think – PACIFIER!!

For tomorrow, I may never see..

So let me do this today..

Thank you for the love you disperse..

Thank you for the hand on my head..

Thank you for the times you’ve pardoned me..

Thank you for hindering me from sins..

Thank you for nurturing me..

Thank you..Just thank you for being there..

– Oh God’s most precious creation – WOMAN!!


The heart-beats motion gently,
Kissing the less traversed way,
Two entities rejoice in the wilderness,
They call it LOVE.

Then gracious flow of laughter and joy,
The pleasing sight of the myriad emotions,
The warmth of the occupant hands,
They call it LOVE.

The gentle touching of the lips,
The snag against the body,
The movement within the unearthed places,
They STILL call it LOVE.

The gripping of those busts,
Moving lower down the aisle,    
The taste of flesh,
They NOW call it LUST.

Where faith lodges with disbelief,
Where honesty overpowers it’s peers,
Where trust is admired more by mistrust,
Why isn’t LOVE considered equal to LUST?

The equality beckons, but the truth still remains,
Where LOVE thrives, LUST also reigns.
Though LOVE keeps the anima alive, leaving it’s trails,
The truth still is: LUST leaves its stains…

Hope – An Endless Misery.

A genial cold wind jolts,
Caressing the sudor off the face,
Depleting the endless concerns,
Calming that soothing pain.
Deep inside the heart it asserts,
A faint word of hope,
Days will bias into gold,
The peace thou seeketh shall return.
Along the aisle of weariness,
The defying soul still ponders,
When will the oozing end,
When will the sorrow drift away?
The serene breeze grips the anima,
Gives it respite,
Patiently looking at the gasping life,
It affirms one day it shall befall.
HOPE the breeze ignites,
Tearing the crafty actions,
And on the day the prime returns,
It’ll still say,”HOPE ALONG!”

C’est sa!

The first time he looked at her face,
A slight smile that smirked off,
With the purest of heart she said a 'HI!'
Made it seem so easy..
Away she walked with comfort,
A stance in every step, like a Princess,
Tiptoes a mark behind,
For him to find that footfall.
Hides behind shades, when she acts dippy,
A kid he sees in her when that smile flashes,
Oh, how can no one fall for her,
For she eases every blain.
Her annoyance has an aura,
Says,'I am THE Queen!'
With utter respect for thee,
A head bows down saying,"Will you help me sheen?"

A fluttered soul that she is,
She rustles away,
A hand she grazes gently,
Awakens that deceased.

She is spirit,
A myth, a riddle,
And if you'd ever want to make life better,
The answer is HER! (C'est sa!)